My role as a teacher is to be facilitator of knowledge that encourages students to pursue reasonable truths by pushing the boundaries of inquiry. In assuming this important role, I believe deeply that higher education must be a place where students develop the capacity to critically think about complex issues in and beyond the classroom. To critically think in this manner is not limited to raising routine questions. Instead, as a teacher, I encourage students to move beyond their comfort zone, recognize the inherent value of their experiences, challenge previously held beliefs, and engage in conversations with people who may not share their view of the world.

This basic philosophy has been my North Star as I have had the great privilege and honor of teaching at 7 different institutions of higher education. These institutions represent the remarkable mosaic of the higher education landscape including: R1s, public, private, religious affiliated, historically Black Colleges and Universities, and community college.

Within these institutions, I have taught a variety of courses. I am primarily interested in teaching Sociologically-based courses, specifically in race, methods, and organizations. I have particular affinity for teaching Introduction to Sociology as it represents an entry point for so many budding sociologists and an opportunity to demonstrate that all of us are predisposed to sociological impulses in various aspects of everyday life. I also enjoy teaching across disciplinary boundaries as evidenced by courses in Academic and Technical Writing in an English Department and Business School; Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies; Black Women in the Diaspora and Introduction to Black Studies in an Ethnic Studies Department; and Social Foundations of Education in an Education School.

More recently, I have acquired experience with community-engaged teaching. This type of teaching demonstrates a clear commitment to not only acquiring a theoretical view of the world, but how this knowledge can help solve problems in the real world. In this context, I have worked with students to help local community groups develop basic strategies that help further leverage their unique experiences, strengths, and capacities to meet the needs of those whom they serve.

I am happy to share syllabi from any courses and other teaching resources that might be helpful. And, I am always happy to receive teaching resources as I am constantly trying to enhance my pedagogical approach.